Summer Workshops 2014 poster design for The Center For Cartoon Studies.

Wrap-around cover design for Maple Key Comics, Issue 1 (due out in April). Check them out here. 

Another cover for CAKE 2013. 

Cover design. Drawn with Photoshop. 2013

Cover design.  Drawn with nib. Colors in Photoshop. 2013

Poster design for Center For Cartoon Studies thesis exhibit. Drawn with nib and colors in photoshop.  2012

Poster design for one of my upcoming projects. Drawn with brush and nib on bristol. Colors in Photoshop.

Gallery Poster for The Center for Cartoon Studies Thesis exhibit. I aped my thesis advisor Joe Lambert for this one. Drawn with nib on bristol.
Colors in photoshop and sample image from Lambert.

Life in Hell tribute poster - a gift for Matt Groening himself. Commissioned by the Center for Cartoon Studies. All design elements by me but all the strips are by their respective artists.

Mock choking poster for a class assignment. Everything done with vectors in Illustrator.